Bacardi makes unprecedented move into single malt Scotch whisky

20th August, 2014 by Becky Paskin

Bacardi is throwing its weight behind the single malt Scotch whisky category with the release of a series of expressions from its five malt distilleries.


Bacardi’s first move in its new single malt strategy was to repackage Aberfeldy

The Bermuda-headquartered drinks group, best known for its work in rum and white spirits, will release several new single malt Scotch whiskies from Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Craigellachie, Macduff and Brackla distilleries over the next few months.

The whiskies will be released in phases, with the most affordable rolled out this year and more high-end, rare expressions launched in 2015. Bacardi does intend to continue launching new expressions, including single casks and small batches, on an annual basis.

Stephen Marshall, global brand director for malts at Bacardi, said the group’s drive behind single malts was to draw attention to the “amazing liquid” currently only being used for Dewar’s or William Lawson blends.

“We realised we weren’t maximising our assets,” he told The Spirits Business. “We started looking at the malt project four years ago and conducted research on competitors and different markets, speaking to retailers and whisky specialists to get opinions on things like age statements and caramel.”

Every release by Bacardi will carry an age statement and be caramel-free.

The first public showing of Bacardi’s single malt Scotch collection will be at the Stockholm Whisky Show in September, although the range will be gradually rolled out to 10 markets worldwide, including the US, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, France, Sweden, Canada, Germany and the UK.

A select few releases will be launched as travel retail exclusives.

“For a company like Bacardi, which doesn’t have millions to spend on marketing, to list five new single malts is quite a challenge, but hopefully we will have them all out by March next year,” Marshall added.

Each distillery’s single malt Scotch whisky releases are listed on the following pages. For a more in-depth insight into Bacardi’s move into the category, see the September 2014 issue of The Spirits Business magazine.

3 Responses to “Bacardi makes unprecedented move into single malt Scotch whisky”

  1. Vic Cameron says:

    Hi Folks,

    I think you need a slight correction here; Aultmore has been released before as a single malt. I remember having a bottle from the “flora and fauna” series; indeed it came presented in a lovely wooden box.

    This would have been in the early 1990s, not sure of the exact date.

    It was a very nice dram if my memory serves me correct,



  2. Patrick says:

    Hi Vic

    You’re right – United Distillers issued Aultmore as a Single Malt in the the f&f series. When Bacardi acquired Dewars (following the formation of Diageo and competition concerns in North America forced the sale of the brand) Aultmore has become very hard to find as a single malt – presume the marketing blurb references the ‘new’ release as a Bacardi brand.

    Aberfeldy has certainly been available under Bacardi

  3. Dram says:

    “age statement and be caramel-free”

    That’s good news. Now if we could get them to “no colour added” on the label and then get them to bottle at 46%, or higher, we can declare total victory!

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