Top 10 spirits trends for 2015

13th January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins



Rum-trendsAsia leads premiumisation

“The main trends I predict in rum for 2015 are that more premium rum brands will be launched globally with Asia leading the way in increasing the awareness of the rum category around the world. This trend will unfortunately lead to another trend in that some brands will cut corners in creating their rums and claim unsubstantiated age statements.”

 Ian Burrell, Global rum ambassador and founder of The RumFest, 16,17,18 October 2015

Aged expressions

“Rum is a spirit that is finally being rediscovered. We see great potential in quality aged rum. It is not going to happen overnight like some have thought previously. This is a category that will progressively grow into its own as quality increases. This is what we have been working on with Plantation for more than 15 years and we finally seeing some very positive growth.”

– Alexandre Gabriel, founder, Plantation Rum

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