The world’s top 10 distillery bars

17th September, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

City of London Distillery (COLD), London

COLDThe City of London Distillery is the first working distillery to operate within the city’s historic square mile in more than 200 years.

Initially opened as a cocktail bar, owner Jonathan Clark decided to implement two stills – named Jennifer & Clarissa – into his venue, setting them behind a floor to ceiling plate glass

The bar now produces and serves its own namesake small-batch gin, provides distillery tours, offers more than 300 other brands of gin behind its bar, and even gives visitors the opportunity to distill and bottle their own personalised gin.

With capacity to produce just 300 bottles of gin a day, City of London Gin and its parent distillery embody the artisan gin renaissance trend taking the UK by storm.

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