Top 10 spirit launches in March

9th April, 2013 by Samantha Graham

Expansion and innovation have been the dominating trends in this month’s Top 10 spirit launches, with most releases coming from the US.

Top 10 spirit launches in March

Innovation and sex is the name of the game in our top 10 spirit launches in March

In the Top 10 spirit launches in March, a raft of companies have been spotting gaps in the market with new flavour innovations, as well as latching onto market trends and targeting specific drinkers to expand their audiences.

There have been several US releases this month, from Three Olives teaming up with the Estate of Marilyn Monroe for a limited edition strawberry vodka, to Pernod Ricard’s first foray into the craft spirits arena with Pike Creek.

After noticing a need for innovation in the market, Peligroso created the world’s first cinnamon Tequila, while Bacardi jumped on the flavoured whisky bandwagon with Dewar’s Highlander Honey.

Companies have also been targeting the sexes with Diageo releasing a range of “skinny flavoured vodka” aimed at women, and Langley’s designed No 8 Gin to attract sophisticated males.

Have we missed any out? Is there a spirit we haven’t listed here but should have? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Gayle Ibizugbe says:

    The idea of flavored spirits is somewhat abhorrent, especially whiskey. I tried flavored vodka once and gave the rest away.

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