Top 10 greatest spirit advertisements

15th April, 2013 by Samantha Graham

From award-winning TV commercials to controversial print ads, spirits brands sure know how push the boundaries of advertising to engage their audiences.

In an Absolut world

A DIY husband? Only in an Absolut world, and one of the greatest spirit adverts

With so many similar products out there, companies are always trying to stand out from the crowd, and if that means being a bit wacky or suggestive, they’re prepared to do it. Even if it means bending the rules of alcohol marketing.

Jim Beam were criticised for targeting too young an audience with its ‘Jim Beam on Campus’ campaign, while Skyy Vodka’s ads are constantly blurring the boundaries of linking alcohol to sexual success.

And in this ever-changing and increasingly competitive world, brands have to be a bit more imaginative and innovative than developing simple print and TV ads. Absolut Vodka once took to displaying slogans across the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, while Ballantine’s has held an interactive tattooing session for Facebook users.

Here’s our pick of 10 spirit brands that have gone the extra mile to get noticed.

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