Bring your own booze bar opens in London

8th February, 2013 by Melita Kiely

Bring your Own Cocktails (B.Y.O.C) opened its doors to London’s bar scene earlier this month with one notable difference – it does not sell alcohol.


Bring Your Own Cocktails sells no alcohol but invites customers to bring their own

Instead, customers are invited to bring a bottle of their own favourite beverage for the bartender to mix according to their taste preferences.

Tucked away behind Bedfordbury Street Juice Club in Covent Garden, the usual bar has been replaced with a vintage Italian trolley containing a selection of fresh syrups, pressed fruits and vegetables, spices, herbs, salts, seasonal fruits, homemade cordials and bitters.

The bartender will then create individual cocktails based on customers’ chosen tipple and desired flavours.

B.Y.O.C. recommends that guests bring a base spirit such as vodka, gin, whisky, tequila, rum, amaretto or Cointreau, but welcome a challenge from any cocktail connoisseurs.

A cover charge of £20 per person applies, which includes all mixers, garnishes and soft drinks, on top of a table turnaround time of two hours.

3 Responses to “Bring your own booze bar opens in London”

  1. Joshua says:

    This is a brilliant idea although I wonder how lucrative it is as a business because thats what will, in the end determine it’s longetivity. Surely you would need some very creative bartenders with exceptional product knowledge to pull it off.

    • Alexis says:

      This is a great concept given the fact that the main business is not a bar (I let you check yourself). Despite the numerous speakeasy in London, this new venue offers a new concept. If you see the numbers of bookings when they launched the place (tables were fully booked up until April 2 days after they launched in Feb). Will this success last…? That’s another story


  2. Kate says:

    I like to go booze bar once. That nice that you are creating cocktail according requirement to customer. Now customer can have their own drink according to its like and need. This idea really helps in to get more customers and you can run your bar successfully. This is the different thought and you attract customer with your unique concept.

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