Pinkster owner releases high-abv liqueurs range

Ginmeister, the parent company of Pinkster gin, has expanded its range with the launch of a small-batch line of fruit liqueurs, called Hedgepig

Dunnet Bay debuts gin made from Christmas trees

The UK’s most northerly mainland distillery, Dunnet Bay, is set to launch a winter edition of its Rock Rose Gin, flavoured with spruce tips from Christmas trees

Have we reached peak gin?

The explosion in the number of gin brands has taken the industry by storm. Now consumers, lured in by the taste of London Dry, are expanding their horizons and exploring other styles

New Yuletide Gin contains entire gingerbread house

That Boutique-y Gin Company is gearing up for Christmas with the launch of Yuletide Gin – containing distillates made from festive favourites such as chestnuts, mince pies and an entire gingerbread house

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November 10th, 2017

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