Roust ends global travel retail partnership with Rémy

Russian Standard Vodka owner Roust Group has taken management of its global travel retail business in house, ending a long-term relationship with Rémy Cointreau in the channel

Tovaritch! vodka targets UK on-trade

Tovaritch! has announced its plans to become the second best-selling Russian vodka brand in the UK on-trade by 2020, at the same time as reporting a 3% sales increase in 2017

SPI loses Stolichnaya trademark appeal in Benelux

SPI Group has been dealt a legal blow in Benelux after a court upheld an earlier ruling that awarded the Stolichnaya trademark to a company owned by the Russian government

Vodka bottle worth US$1.3 million found empty

A US$1.3 million bottle of Russo-Baltique vodka, stolen from a Copenhagen bar last week, has now been found drained and damaged

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December 12th, 2017

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December 1st, 2017

Global Vodka Alliance goes live

November 24th, 2017

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