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SB meets… Tasha Iny, Mijenta Tequila

We sat down with Mijenta Tequila’s UK brand ambassador, Tasha Iny, to discuss future launches, and why producers should steer clear of adding flavours.

Mijenta Tequila Tasha Iny
Tasha Iny previously worked with Casamigos Tequila

What makes Mijenta stand out on the market?

It is one of the only genuine non-additive Tequilas on the market.

A lot of your premium Tequilas that people are used to drinking are not 100% agave because legally you can add 1% of its total volume of additives.

Additives now are lab created, so they are super strong, like a sugar base additive you can add. They’re created in a lab and are 8,000 times sweeter than sugar. So, adding just a drop of that to your final product changes everything.

Mijenta Tequila is pure, and we’ve got Mexico’s leading female master distiller, Ana Maria Romero, operating our product, which is so important. She’s got 25 years’ experience in wine, and another 20 in Tequila.

Mijenta isn’t a greenwash situation – it’s real. And the fact that we’re the world’s first B Corp Tequila, that’s what makes it interesting.

What is the next step towards sustainability after B Corp certification?

We’re having this conversation within my team at the moment, what is the next step when it comes to being ultra sustainable?

When we have the answer, I’ll get back to you.

B Corp certification is a ​​really important part of who we are, when they created the brand, they created it from a sustainable standpoint, rather than the other way around. We’re definitely figuring out the next step and working on it in the background.

What upcoming news does Mijenta have?

Behind the scenes we are creating a new Tequila expression.

Part way through the year there’s going to be an announcement, but it’s happening now.

We currently have three expressions: blanco, reposado and añejo. Then we’ll have one more.

Ana and co-founder Juan Coronado are absolute geniuses, and are very experimental, so I wouldn’t surprised if in a year or two they have something incredible going on.

Ana’s very hot on sustainability. I can’t say anything for sure, but maybe we’ll have another Mijenta with a different agave.

What’s your take on celebrity Tequila?

I started with George Clooney’s Casamigos, so I started in celebrity Tequila.

I think celebrity Tequila really catapulted the Tequila category to the consumer, but with Mijenta, the whole thing is we don’t need a celebrity.

How can consumers be encouraged to drink smaller, independent brands?

Teaching consumers to drink like a pro will get them out of that comfort zone of the generic Tequilas or celebrity Tequilas.

And then they understand the category, and we introduce what the liquid should really taste like. So maybe there needs to be a focus more on additive-free Tequilas.

There are so many loopholes in the laws with what people are drinking. People are drinking 100% agave, like ‘Oh, this is really healthy’. But they don’t really understand that they’re still drinking caramel colouring, or sugar-based derivatives.

People ​​care about what they’re putting in their bodies – I think they’d be shocked to know the reality, let’s say, of what they’re putting in their body.

Do you think there’s any space in the market for flavoured Tequila?

For me, I get wound up by [flavouring]; we’ve already got an issue with Blue Weber agave [because of] the amount of people that have gone in to create a Tequila brand. At some point the product is going to fall out and we’re not going to have enough.

So don’t mess with the original in my opinion. You make your own flavoured Tequila by infusing them with fruit – why buy them?

Why turn a Tequila into a gin when you can just have Tequila?

Last year, we caught up with Mijenta’s co-founder, ex-CEO of Bacardi Mike Dolan. Earlier this year, he shared that the more premium a spirit brand, the faster it will grow, with consumers willing to pay “super-high” prices.

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