Booze Banter: our favourite RTDs

16th July, 2021 by Kate Malczewski

Welcome to Booze Banter, where we share the bottles, bars and trends that excite us most. Today we answer the age-old question: which ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails are actually delicious?

We share our pick of the best RTDs

Each week, The Spirits Business staff cover the latest news developments and burgeoning trends in the world of booze. A multitude of bottles and spirits-related books cross our desks, and we prop up the bar at new and established venues alike.

Our new Booze Banter feature highlights our team’s recent favourites, lifting the lid on the personal recommendations of journalists who spend a whole lot of time thinking about spirits.

First up, we’re covering all things RTD. Led by hard seltzers, the category has boomed over the past year – it’s now overtaken total spirits in the US – and a flurry of new cans, bottles and pouches have hit the market.

But the quality of these products is, to put it politely, mixed. So which ones are actually worth buying?

Read on to discover team SB’s pick of the very best RTDs. 

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