Top 10 canned cocktails

27th May, 2021 by Kate Malczewski

Coffee cocktails from Kahlúa

Coffee liqueur brand Kahlúa first made its mark on the RTD category back in 2018 with its Espresso Martini, and extended its range last year with the addition of a Nitro Cold Brew cocktail

The Espresso Martini marries coffee, Kahlúa and a dash of grain vodka, while the Nitro Cold Brew combines rum, coffee liqueur and cold brew coffee. 

Both cans sit at 4.5% ABV and have been designed with a mechanism that infuses the drink with nitrogen upon opening to provide a foamy texture. 

Both cans can be purchased from; the Kahlúa Espresso Martini available for an RRP of US$4.25 per can, and the Nitro Cold Brew cocktail for US$3.84 per can.

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