Top 10 spirits marketing moves in March 2021

6th April, 2021 by Owen Bellwood


Brown-Forman launched a campaign for Finlandia vodka to highlight its heritage and ties with Finland.

The I Am Finlandia campaign was created in partnership with DDB Unlimited to highlight the brand’s close connections to Finland, where the vodka is produced.

Jessica Rives, Finlandia Vodka associate brand manager, said: “Today, most of us live in a world where so much of what we experience is noise and chaos. Finlandia is an invitation from a place beyond the noise. Finland is a purer place, where one can distance him or herself from the artificial and the unnecessary, discover a vodka made of pure natural ingredients, and savour what’s essential.”

The campaign features dramatic landscapes, and visuals created for the I Am Finland drive showcase ‘bold, provocative statements’.

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