Ten acclaimed low- and no-alcohol drinks

11th January, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers



Price: £23.90 (US$32) 

The Low‐Alcohol – 6% to 25% ABV flight saw a Master medal go to low‐alcohol botanical blend Mary. Created by London startup Illogical Drinks, Mary is bottled at 6% ABV.

The judges found this to be “very herbaceous” on the nose with “rosemary, thyme and basil”. “The floral characteristics are very well done,” added one judge. Neat, Mary was “soft, with green floral flavours”.

Following a retaste of all the Master medallists, Mary also walked away with the top title of Taste Master.

“I just love that fresh‐garden aroma, the colour is great – it feels like it’s been made with love,” said a member of the panel. “It’s just green, floral, herbal and vibrant, and impressive how a product can carry so much flavour at a lower alcohol strength.

Mary has only nine calories per 25ml serve. The product is sugar-free, suitable for vegans and contains no carbohydrates. It is made from ‘sustainably sourced’ plants, including basil, thyme and sage.

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