Ten acclaimed low- and no-alcohol drinks

11th January, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Three Spirit

Price: £24.99 (US$30.80)

A flight of Non‐Alcoholic Apéritifs (0.5% ABV and Under) saw three Golds go to Beyond Alcohol with its Three Spirit – Nightcap, Three Spirit – Social Elixir and Three Spirit – Livener.

Three Spirit – Livener offered a “huge mix of flavours” with “lemongrass, coriander, parsley and light spice” on the nose alone. The palate brought a “chilli note that adds spice”.

Livener and Nightcap were launched in October 2019 as the latest additions to the Three Spirit range.

Livener is described as “fiery and fruity in flavour” and is designed to “liven the senses”. The variant is made with guayusa, schisandra berries and “energising plants”.

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