SB’s best-performing spirits companies of 2020

6th January, 2021 by admin


Vodka Grand Master 2020

Number of medals: 9

Nine medals in The Vodka Masters 2020 secured Altia the position of Vodka Grand Master 2020. Altia experienced a particularly strong round in the Flavoured/Infused Vodka category, winning a Master for Koskenkorva 7 Botanicals in this particular heat.

Altia’s Explorer Vodka proved there is excellent value for money to be found at the standard price point with its Gold medal win, while the company’s Koskenkorva Vodka Original impressed in the next price bracket up.

Altia is a leading Nordic alcoholic drinks company, specialising in wine and spirits markets in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Its head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. Altia owns a distillery in the village of Koskenkorva in western Finland, and an aquavit distillery in Sundsvall, Sweden, to name just two.

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