Cocktail trends to watch in 2021

5th January, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Everything in moderation

The booming popularity of no‐ and low‐ alcohol serves has been sweeping the on‐ trade for several years, with alcohol‐free ‘spirits’ and low‐ABV alternatives appearing on menus around the world. In 2021, however, increasingly health‐conscious consumers could look to reduce their consumption of sugar and calories, or stick to other dietary requirements, through the drinks they enjoy.

Labelling changes in the US mean producers can now mark their spirits as gluten‐free, while UK distillers may soon include information such as sugar content and calorific value on their products.

As consumers become more knowledgeable about what they are drinking, they may seek out lighter options, or cut down on consumption. As a result, while drinkers are used to seeing low‐alcohol offerings on drinks lists, these could also soon be joined by low‐ sugar alternatives. The rise of hard seltzers as a sugar‐free, low‐calorie option also demonstrates that there is demand for such serves in the alcoholic space.

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