Cocktail trends to watch in 2021

5th January, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Community spirit

In 2020, bars could no longer just be bars. Lockdown measures and restrictions implemented to stem the spread of Covid‐19 threatened to suffocate the industry and cut off its only source of income. However, rather than simply closing their doors and ceasing to operate, many venues adapted to the situation they found themselves in and sought new ways to serve their communities.

As craft cocktail dens began offering bottled drinks, and bars began selling store cupboard essentials for regulars to stock up on, venues were able to maintain their connection to their customers. Then, as lockdown measures began easing and the on‐trade was allowed to open once more, widespread calls to avoid unnecessary travel led imbibers to look closer to home for their cocktail fix. Drinkers turned to the local venues that had supplied them throughout lockdown.

As such, and with many workers continuing to work from home, neighbourhood bars could be set to blossom in the new year.

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