Cocktail trends to watch in 2021

5th January, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Elevated experiences

The rollout of a vaccine against Covid‐19 in countries such as the UK and US in late 2020 brought with it the hope that drinkers would soon be able to return to cocktail bars en masse. Once this is possible, consumers will certainly look to treat themselves after the struggles of 2020, opting to trade up on their spirit choices or opt for cocktails that make a visit feel special.

On‐trade venues offering in‐house creations to elevate their offerings, such as the ingredient‐focused menu at London’s Lyaness, and premium‐and‐above spirits could all be set to feature on consumers’ radars as they create memorable experiences when they go out for a drink.

Bars advertising a more experiential visit could also prove popular in the coming year. Venues that offer cocktail‐and‐food pairings, immersive experiences or virtual reality offerings all provide a point of difference, which could be key to enticing drinkers out of their homes and back into bars.

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