Top 10 resurrected spirits brands

22nd September, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

Dwindling sales, distillery fires and prohibition measures can all spell the end for spirits producers, but not every struggling label has been confined to the history books. Here, we round up 10 brands that have been given a new lease of life.

Not all struggling brands are confined to the history books

It’s a tough business running a spirit brand; the survival of the company can be impacted by changing trends, disasters at your distillery or, in some cases, legally mandated Prohibition.

Despite the struggles faced in their first incarnation, some ancient brands have been offered another chance to thrive through inquisitive distillers on the lookout for historic spirits to bring back to life.

From relaunched Scotch whisky blends and Cognac brands to rejuvenated single malts and bonded Irish whiskeys that honour their ancient founders, we’ve sought out 10 of the top resurrected spirits brands with an eye-opening past.

Click through the following pages to find out about 10 resurrected spirits brands. 

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