Top 10 spirits marketing moves in April 2020

6th May, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

Angostura House Lock Down

Rum and bitters producer Angostura launched its House Lock Down social media campaign to offer moral support to the global bar community.

House of Angostura partnered with distributor Artisan Spirits and its global brand ambassador network to launch the initiative, which airs on Instagram at 5pm CET Monday to Friday.

Hosted by Angostura global brand ambassador Daniyel Jones, the series will offer positive thinking tips, fitness techniques and guest appearances.

During the Sip n’ Chill segment of each episode, guests will share their bartending experiences, favourite drinks and will answer questions submitted via Instagram Live.

One Response to “Top 10 spirits marketing moves in April 2020”

  1. sam says:

    Wow, that will be great fun.. I have a very good beard, will surely try my luck!

    Having said that i dont think spirits industry is affected at all by the covid situation, infact its the other way round at least in Australia.

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