The UK’s most Googled cocktails

8th April, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

As drinkers test their mixology skills at home, more and more are looking online in pursuit of the best recipe. Here, we count down the most searched for cocktails in the UK according to online marketplace On Buy.

The Martini features in the list of the UK’s most searched for cocktails

Drinker in the UK have begun flexing their cocktail-making muscles and many have turned to the web in their search for recipes to replicate, with search engine Google receiving more than 9,800 requests for cocktail recipes over the past month.

To find out which serves are the most in-demand from budding bartenders, online marketplace On Buy analysed Google adwords to uncover the most searched for serves by UK web users over the past month.

As well as investigating the most searched cocktails, On Buy also polled drinkers in UK cities with a population greater than 100,000 to find each city’s favourite serve.

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Click through the following pages to find out the UK’s top 10 most searched for cocktails.

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