How to support the on-trade during lockdown

17th March, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

The coronavirus outbreak has made visiting your favourite drinking den increasingly hard. As pubs and bars around the world struggle, SB explores ways you can support your local from the safety of self-isolation.

Opium in London is selling gift vouchers while drinkers are ordered to stay away

As the coronavirus outbreak continues, imbibers around the world have been encouraged to stay away from their favourite drinking dens, and venues in Europe, Asia and America have been forced to close their doors as cities go into lockdown.

Last night, drinkers in the UK were told that they should stay away from “pubs, clubs and social venues”, while French president Emmanuel Macron ordered “non-essential public spaces” in France to shut their doors. Bars and nightclubs in Spain were also forced to close as the country went into lockdown.

In Germany, bars, clubs, cinemas and sports facilities were ordered to close to help mitigate the spread of the virus and US cities including Washington, New York and Los Angeles have closed all bars and nightclubs.

The current climate has made it incredibly hard for bars and businesses, especially those in countries where they have not yet been ordered to close by officials.

As a result, pubs, bars and restaurants around the world have turned to alternative revenue streams to boost cash flow and avoid staff cuts. Here, we round up five ways you can continue supporting your favourite on-trade venues while self isolating.

Click through the following pages to find out how to support the on-trade while in lockdown. 

Can you think of more ways to support the on-trade? Let us know in the comments section.

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