Hospitality sector unites in face of pandemic

20th March, 2020 by Melita Kiely

Consumer kindness

Hawksmoor cocktailsHawksmoor London shared numerous heart-warming gestures from its customers on Twitter this week. On Tuesday 17 March, the award-winning restaurant and bar published a statement announcing “the most difficult decisions we have ever made or that we ever hope to make in future”.

The news was that as of 18 March, all Hawksmoor restaurants would temporarily close as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement, which was undoubtedly difficult for the company to make, brought about huge compassion from Hawksmoor’s guests.

On its last evening of service, the London arm posted on Twitter: “Tonight we had a regular insist on paying £260 for a £60 bill, and someone who had cancelled call up and pay £50 service charge anyway. The worst situations bring out the most amazing responses in some people. Thank you if you are one of them.”

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