Cocktail stories: Reformed Pornstar

20th February, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

Despite its position as one of the world’s most popular cocktails, acclaimed London bar Duck & Waffle has given the Porn Star Martini a makeover.

Pietro Fania, bar manager at London bar and restaurant Duck & Waffle

The Porn Star Martini was created by bartender Douglas Ankrah at London cocktail bar Townhouse in 2002. Since its inception, the combination of vanilla, passion fruit, vodka and sparkling wine has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular serves. In fact, it was voted the UK’s favourite cocktail in 2018 overtaking the Mojito.

Despite the ubiquity of this modern classic drink, the team at sky‐high London bar and restaurant Duck & Waffle revelled in the chance to create their own twist on the famous cocktail.

“The Reformed Pornstar is a drink with character,” says Pietro Fania, bar manager at Duck & Waffle. He adds that his twist is a “lighter and fresher version of the modern‐day classic”.

“The Pornstar Martini is a very popular cocktail,” explains Fania. “Duck & Waffle is known for providing an iconoclastic cocktail experience, so in true Duck & Waffle style we decided to build something unique from our own distinct perspective on mixology.”

Made with Grey Goose La Vanille vodka, cream Sherry, clarified passion fruit, vanilla‐sugar syrup and citric acid, the cocktail is carbonated and served over ice – rather than in a Martini glass, accompanied by a shot of sparkling wine.

Fania explains: “The main difference is that the classic Porn Star Martini contains a shot of Prosecco, whereas at Duck & Waffle we carbonate the drink ourselves to create Prosecco‐style fizz. Our house‐made cream Sherry and clarified passion fruit add another twist.”

Fania says his team strives to create drinks with “an element of surprise”, but imbibers can sometimes be hesitant to try unfamiliar creations. “When they see a twist on a classic they are more inclined to order,” he explains. “The Reformed Pornstar has become one of our most popular drinks.”

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