SB’s best-performing spirits companies of 2019

6th January, 2020 by admin

They say you have to be in it to win it, and there were certainly myriad brands that walked away with a stellar number of accolades in The Global Spirits Masters 2019. The scores have now been counted and verified – these were top of the table.

Throughout The Global Spirits Masters 2019, more than 1,000 medals were awarded – the most seen in any year of the blind‐tasting competition. This is a testament to the growth in quality liquid across a number of categories – in particular, our judges noted vast improvements in gin, world whisky and vodka.

At the end of each competition, the individual medals awarded to each company – which may have submitted a number of brands and expressions for assessment – were tallied up. Different weightings were assigned to Silver, Gold and Master medals, and counting these scores produced a Grand Master for each round. Since each medal received a different corresponding score, it was not only the company that won the most medals that secured the Grand Master title: it was the company that won the most points throughout the competition.

These companies may be big or small, multi‐ nationals or independents, established or fledgling. Since The Global Spirits Masters is judged completely independently by a panel of expert tasters, devoid of any brand information, success is based on the quality of the liquid alone.

“The Grand Master in each competition is a distiller, blender or bottler that demonstrated a firm commitment to quality in their different brands or expressions,” said Melita Kiely, editor of The Spirits Business.

“Since most of our competitions use a number of panels, because of their size, these companies have consistently impressed some of the country’s most experienced tasters. Such excellence was incredibly heartening to see and should be commended.”

Click through the following pages for a profile on each Grand Master winner.

To see the full list of Taste Masters 2019 from The Global Spirits Masters series, click here.

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