Cocktail Stories: Reine de Fer

9th October, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

How do you create a cocktail that honours one of the world’s most famous landmarks? That’s the challenge Paris bar Le Syndicat set itself with the Reine de Fer.

Giovanni Allario, co-director of Le Syndicat

“We created the Reine de Fer for the launch of our Monumental Menu, which represents the most iconic monuments and places of Paris,” says Giovanni Allario, co-director of Le Syndicat bar in Paris.
The cocktail, which has been on the bar’s menu since May 2018, was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and is a combination of the Champagne-based French 75 and a Gin Martini.

“We said it had to be something classic and refreshing but with a little kick,” explains Allario.
Made with Gin Normindia at its heart, the spirit gives the cocktail an “unusual flavour profile”, with fruity yet citrus-like notes. To enhance this, the team tried using lemon juice initially, but found it “was a bit overpowering”.
“Instead, we went for a straight citric acid solution,” says Allario. “Citric acid gives more tartness and a bit of an astringent feel while keeping the drink as crisp as possible.”
As the cocktail drew its inspiration from the French 75, it needed to contain Champagne in its recipe somewhere, but Allario says simply topping the drink with bubbles was not an option. “That would have been a bit boring, so we made a syrup out of brut Champagne to balance out the drink.”

To top off the cocktail and further its connection to the Eiffel Tower, Allario created an apple cider air, spiked with a metallic flavour. Once the

cocktail has been prepared, the metallic-flavoured air is spritzed over the top for a finishing touch.

Served in a bespoke Eiffel Tower glass created by the bar, the Reine de Fer has become a best-seller.
“Because it features gin people are drawn to it,” adds Allario. “People are surprised when they taste it, and since it has this cleansing effect people can drink it at any point during their night at the bar.”

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