Third of Brits disapprove of ‘sexually suggestive’ cocktail names

5th August, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

One in three Brits disapprove of “sexually suggestive” cocktail names like Sex on the Beach and Porn Star Martini, according to research from travel agency Travel Republic.


One in three Brits avoid ordering cocktails with “suggestive” names

The survey carried out on behalf of the travel agency found that 29% of British holiday makers avoid ordering “sexually suggestive cocktails” while on holiday.

While drinkers abroad may avoid the “suggestive” cocktails, 76% of those polled said that having a cocktail bar in a hotel was their “favourite hotel offering”.

The survey also found that 37% of recipients thought showing off expensive hotel rooms or meals on Instagram was unacceptable and 19% said haggling over prices was taboo.

Frank Rejwan, managing director of Travel Republic, said: “We are living in ‘woke’ times, as we become more conscious of our behaviours and seek out more mindful experiences. This research has shown holidays are no exception to the rule.”

The research was published to promote Travel Republic’s new list of environmentally sustainable hotels and destinations.

Despite the survey’s findings, data released by analysis firm CGA found the Pornstar Martini was the UK’s most popular cocktail in 2018.

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