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5th April, 2019 by Owen Bellwood

Le Pont de la Tour canelé

London French restaurant Le Pont de la Tour have partnered with fellow French brand, Babelle to create a menu of cocktails paired with canelé.

Each cocktail on the bar’s newest menu will be served with a matching flavoured canelé, a baked caramelised crust with a soft custardy heart.

Four cocktail pairings have been created, with each drink taking its inspiration from Babelle’s most popular flavours; passionfruit, dark chocolate, raspberry and white chocolate and salted caramel. Cocktails include the Lili Passion, made with mezcal, passion fruit puree and syrup, lemon juice, coriander bitter and an egg white, served alongside the Lilikoi canelé, which is filled with passion fruit curd and topped with a dark chocolate heart.

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