New Bourbon pays tribute to Predator film

3rd January, 2019 by Nicola Carruthers

US bottler Silver Screen Bottling Company has teamed up with American film studio 20th Century Fox to launch a Bourbon inspired by sci-fi blockbuster Predator.

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is inspired by the 1987 blockbuster film Predator

The new expression, called Dutch Bourbon Whiskey, pays homage to the 1987 film’s main character Major Alan ‘Dutch’ Schaefer. In Predator, Schaefer leads an elite band of soldiers on a rescue mission in Central America.

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is described as “fit for a person on a mission with a bold taste of adventure”. The “full-bodied” whiskey has notes of vanilla, coconut and bergamot.

The design of the label imitates an elite special forces patch and features the targeting crosshairs of an alien-like creature, a military helicopter and a quote from the film – ‘Get to the chopper’.

Dutch Bourbon Whiskey is priced at US$34.99 and available for presale at

Last month, Silver Screen Bottling Company extended its Star Trek-inspired spirits line with the launch of Montgomery Scott Blended Scotch.

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  1. Guy Jones says:

    With the caveat that I love the “Predator” movies, Arnold, and, Bourbon — I am amazed at the endless parade of gimmicky marketing tactics embraced by producers, for selling whiskey, something that has even permeated the relatively-staid Scotch world, with Johnnie Walker’s endless parade of “limited edition” bottlings, including the utterly ridiculous “Game of Thrones”-themed “White Walker.” Now, I’m a staunch free-market advocate, so, if this is what it really takes to move product off the shelves in today’s pop culture-driven society, so be it. But, it just seems more than a little desperate and self-debasing, like the whining pleas of a narcotics fiend, promising to perform sexual favors, in exchange for cash to buy his next fix. The product should sell itself, based on its intrinsic cachet and appeal — I don’t see Champagne or Cognac producers resorting to these kinds of marketing tactics. This tells me that the bourbon market is now over-exposed and over-saturated — too many producers and too much product competing for too few cocktail glasses. The market will sort it out.

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