Survey finds 21% of Americans pick guacamole over alcohol

17th September, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

Online survey host Fumble polled 2,000 people and found that 21% would rather give up alcohol than guacamole.

A survey has found that 21% of participants would pick guacamole over alcohol

The survey, which was carried out to mark national guacamole day (16 September) in the US, asked 2,000 Americans what luxury items they would be prepared to give up for a year in order to maintain their cravings for the avocado-based dip.

Fumble discovered that the most popular sacrifices to make in place of guacamole were alcohol and Netflix, with 21% of those polled opting to give up drinking or the streaming service respectively.

The online survey also discovered that 17% of participants would pick guacamole over social media or coffee, while 15% of those questioned would give up cheese in place of the savoury spread.

For those giving up alcohol in order to maintain their guacamole fix, SB has compiled a list of the best alcohol-free ‘spirit’ brands.

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