Seven non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ for abstainers

15th August, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

As the low- and no-alcohol trend continues its unstoppable rise, we round up the latest zero-alcohol ‘spirits’ offering an alternative to booze.

SB presents seven non-alcoholic ‘spirits’ brands

A continuance of the heightened health awareness among consumers has shone a light on low- and no-alcohol drinks.

Decent alcohol-free serves have become a regular bar menu fixture in the haute cocktail scene, with rising demand for booze-free serves being spearheaded by the younger generation. The likes of London bars Dandelyan, Nine Lives and Duck & Waffle have adapted to the trend, adding carefully curated non-alcoholic and low-­abv libations to their lists.

It’s no surprise that the bigger drinks producers are looking for a slice of the teetotal action. Diageo holds a minority stake in Seedlip, the “world’s first” distilled non-alcoholic spirit, while Pernod Ricard recently entered the realm of alcohol-free spirits after agreeing a distribution deal with Ceder’s, which is made in Sweden.

Click through the following pages to see our pick of top non-alcoholic ‘spirits’. 

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  1. lynne slovin says:

    Where can these products be purchased?

    • Valerie Haumont says:

      I think if you go online and research the names something will pop up. But some are available from Amazon UK. Unfortunately there will be a delivery charge.

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