Top eight best-selling liqueur brands

12th July, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Liqueurs are recovering from stagnant sales as growing interest in cocktails and low-alcohol options give a much needed boost to the category. Here, we present its best-selling brands.

SB reveals the best-selling liqueur brands in 2017

SB reveals the best-selling liqueur brands in 2017

The global liqueurs sector posted a 0.8% gain in 2017 to 107.8m cases, according to market research provider Euromonitor International, as drinking trends turned in its favour.

Just two million­-case-­plus liqueur brands witnessed a decline in 2017, The Spirits Business‘s Brand Champions data has revealed.

Some brands experienced starkly different fortunes: Distell’s Amarula brand posted a 10.6% increase, while Žołądkowa Gorzka witnessed a double-digit drop.

Following our recently published Brand Champions 2018 report – an analysis of the spirits brands selling more than one million cases annually – we run through the world’s best-selling liqueur brands on the market today.

Click through the following pages to discover the top eight best-selling liqueur brands listed in order of their nine-litre case sales.

Data is listed to one decimal place for ease of reading, but the percentage changes are based on the full data supplied to The Brand Champions 2018.

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