Death & Co launches crowdfunding campaign

31st July, 2018 by Owen Bellwood

New York speakeasy Death & Co has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable its expansion in the US and abroad.

Death & Co opened in New York in 2006

The famed cocktail bar, owned by Ravi DeRossi, David Kaplan, and Alex Day, has launched its campaign on crowdfunding platform SeedInvest.

The New York bar opened its doors in 2006. Since then Death & Co has entered new markets, worked with producers to develop new spirits and worked as a consulting team to create cocktails for brands and more than 20 bars and restaurants around the world.

Kaplan said: “After investigating different fundraising approaches over the past few years, crowdfunding with SeedInvest became the most appealing as we can continue to grow our company in the same manner in which we run our businesses: with full transparency – everything is there online for all to see.

“We want to offer this opportunity to guests and fans of the brand. Our story won’t be told by a large private equity firm. It will continue to be led by us with the help of anyone who believes in the future we’re looking to build.”

The crowdfunding campaign will allow the bar to expand its administrative support arm, develop in new cities and create locally unique Death & Co bars in cities in the US and abroad.

Day said: “As a small company, growth is both exhilarating and nerve-racking. We’re thrilled to have found a partner in SeedInvest, who worked diligently to understand our business, has become passionate about supporting our vision, and has backed our path towards growth with a wealth of expertise and guidance.

“With them, we’re excited for the evolution of Death & Co – to provide growth opportunities for our team and to build beautiful bars that spread our collective love for great hospitality, fine cocktails, and nourishing food.”

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