Premier Inn creates whisky map for World Whisky Day

18th May, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

To mark World Whisky Day tomorrow (19 May), British hotel chain Premier Inn has created an interactive map of whisky distilleries in the UK.

The map highlights 96 distilleries across the UK, from the most northerly, Highland Park in Orkney, to the most southerly, Hicks & Healey in Cornwall.

The map has been created to encourage people to explore more of the UK’s whisky heritage.

In Scotland, the map lists 76 distilleries, featuring two of the oldest whisky distilleries in the the world – Glenturret and Bowmore – which claim to have been founded in 1775 and 1779 respectively.

Other distilleries that feature on the list are Wales-based Penderyn Distillery and three in London – Bimber Distillery, The London Distillery Company and the East London Liquor Company.

Whisky is the most exported product from the UK by value, according to figures released by the Food and Drink Federation last year. 

 The full interactive map can be seen below. 

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