Campari gains ownership of route-to-market in Canada

15th May, 2018 by Nicola Carruthers

Gruppo Campari has opened an office in Montreal, giving the firm full ownership of all sales and marketing activity in Canada.

Gruppo Campari has opened a new office in Montreal

Campari Canada, the drinks group’s Canadian unit, has established market operations in Quebec with the opening of the new office. Distribution in Quebec was previously managed through a third-part agency.

Since bringing direct-distribution in house, Canada has witnessed “exponential growth” in sales. Sales in Quebec currently account for 12% of Campari Canada’s total business.

In 2014, Gruppo Campari invested over US$200 million to establish operations in Canada as part of a global strategy to prioritise the Canadian market. This included the acquisition of Ontario’s Forty Creek Distillery for €120.5 million in June.

The facility, which serves as the bottling plant and warehouse for Forty Creek whisky, also acts as a central office for Campari Canada.

In December last year, the company announced an investment of US$5 million for the renovation and redevelopment of Forty Creek Distillery.

In 2015, Campari invested US$1.3m to create its own distribution network and head office in Toronto.

Since setting up the Canadian arm, the company has added 70 new jobs in sales, marketing, finance and production.

The Quebec operations have also added an additional eight positions to the Canadian team.

“A key pillar of our corporate strategy is to own the full route-to-market,” said Massimo Mottura, president, Campari Canada.

“This will allow us to more effectively serve stakeholders, partners and consumers, and fully control all sales, branding and marketing of the iconic spirits we represent.

“Furthermore, this office opening underscores our investment in, and commitment to, Canada, an undeniably important global market.”

“We’ve seen our portfolio grow rapidly since taking over direct-distribution in 2015.

“Our operational investment in Quebec strengthens our national reach and allows us to maintain and expedite growth in all major parts of Canada.”

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