Campari appoints executive team in Canada

1st June, 2015 by Melita Kiely

Campari Canada has founded its own distribution network and head office in Toronto, and appointed a new executive team in the country.

Campari Canada

Campari Canada has made numerous new senior leadership appointments

Following its acquisition of Ontario’s Forty Creek Distillery for €120.5 million in June 2014, the facility will serve as the bottling plant and warehouse for Forty Creek whisky, in addition to various other Campari labels.

The distillery will also act as a central office for Campari Canada in regards to production, HR and finance staff.

In order to focus efforts on driving growth in Canada, Campari Canada has made several senior leadership appointments, including Greg Smith as vice president of sales; Anna Garbagnati as vice president of finance; Martin Dominguez as HR director; Bill Ashburn as vice president of production; and Chris Staresinic as vice president of marketing.

“Since its inception in 1860, Gruppo Campari has built a solid and expansive portfolio with demonstrated international appeal,” said Massimo Mottura, president Campari Canada. “As a team we are thrilled to be at the forefront of the brand’s operations in Canada.

“With the support of a robust group of adept and passionate professionals each committed to success, paired with the new acquisition of one of Canada’s most formidable distilleries, this truly marks an exciting time for Campari Canada.

“Bolstered by what we are confident is a fully comprehensive and capable foundation, we look forward to continuing the legacy of Gruppo Campari within Canada while sharing our brands with consumers across the country for many years to come.”

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