Euromonitor’s top spirits trends for 2018

13th February, 2018 by admin

Looking across whisky, vodka, Tequila and Cognac, Spiros Malandrakis, alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, shines a light on what trends are set to be big in the industry this year.

Euromonitor analyst Spiros Malandrakis predicts the top spirits trends for 2018

Malandrakis predicts that Scotch whisky will take on “bold experimentation” in the coming year, learning from its Bourbon and Irish counterparts.

Cognac could also break away from luxury offerings while brandy and armagnac are likely to become more affordable alternatives to Champagne.

Meanwhile niche local specialities are poised to travel beyond their domestic markets, making waves on cocktail menus before heading into the off-trade.

Click through the following pages to see Spiros Malandrakis’s predicted key spirits trends for 2018.

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