Vodka is the UK’s most re-gifted spirit, study finds

18th December, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Vodka is the most re-gifted spirit in the UK, with one in eight households passing unwanted bottles to family and friends, according to new research by tonic and mixer brand Franklin & Sons.

Vodka is the most re-gifted spirit in the UK, followed by whisky and cream liqueurs

A survey of 2,000 households, which looked at the UK’s Christmas drinking habits, found that the re-gifting of vodka has topped three million bottles.

The study showed that 12.2% of adults admitted to re-gifting vodka, while the second most re-gifted tipples were whisky and cream liqueurs (each 11.7%) and more than one in 10 said they had found a new home for a bottle of gin (10.8%).

In addition, the report found that consumers are revamping classic drinks including brandy and Sherry with a premium tonic or mixer.

Millennial drinkers aged between 18 and 34 were found to be most likely to mix an old favourite with tonic (53.2%) – with 37% of these planning to re-mix brandy and Sherry.

“Our findings show that the rise and rise of premium quality tonics and mixers is continuing, with consumers using their re-kindled love for a G&T to re-invent forgotten favourites such as brandy and Sherry with tonic,” said Jen Draper, head of marketing at Franklin & Sons.

“It’s interesting to see what people are re-gifting rather than using themselves, it was a surprise to see that people are holding on to more Sherry, rum and port than vodka and gin but with more adventurous consumers experimenting with new and different serves we think this is an indication of what is going to be ‘on trend’ in 2018.”

Another report by Franklin & Sons in July this year found that British drinkers are spending almost £1,500 (US$1.9k) a year on alcohol – mostly on premium spirits.

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