Top Asia Pacific bars to visit in 2018

15th November, 2017 by admin

Bar BenFiddich – Tokyo, Japan

Since opening in 2013, Bar BenFiddich, located on the ninth floor of a high rise in Shinjuku, has been lauded as one of Tokyo’s most creative drinking dens. The praise centres on the approach taken by founder Hiroyasu Kayama. The family home of this star bartender – located in Chichibu, about two hours northwest of Tokyo – is constantly infused into the drinks he creates.

Kayama grows and forages his own herbs there, and eventually they end up in his cocktails, but he also uses them to make his own spirits and liqueurs (his home­-distilled absinthe is particularly prized).

The cocktails predominately focus on whisky, absinthe, gin and amaro, but Kayama added another bar to the fold on the second floor of the same building in early 2017, Bar B&F, which switches the focus to fruit brandies. For some of Tokyo’s most remarkable drinks, this is your building.

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