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27th November, 2017 by admin

With more than 18 million inhabitants to cater for, Mumbai boasts bars, restaurants and nightlife to suit all tastes. James Lawrence takes a tour of the city.

SB presents the top bars in Mumbai, India

New Delhi may be India’s political capital, but as any self-respecting ‘Mumbaikar’ will testify, Mumbai is the place to party hard. A city of more than 18 million people, Mumbai is a fitting introduction to 21st century, globalised India: an exotic metropolis filled with dreamers, gangsters, stray dogs, tropical forests, film stars, billionaires and lots and lots of people. It is simultaneously exhilarating and intimidating – a city of stark contradictions.

Indeed, Mumbai’s prolific film industry and thriving fashion business almost make you forget about the city’s massive social problems, including one of Asia’s biggest slums and a shambolic infrastructure.

Yet, for all that, Mumbai could never be described as boring. The city’s emerging middle class certainly knows how to party, and is the main driving-­force behind Mumbai’s expanding nightlife scene and the unprecedented investment in the entertainment industry. Luxury hotels, rooftop destinations, cocktail bars, gargantuan nightclubs and local pubs – contemporary Mumbai offers all this and more.

It is wise, however, to do some serious research before delving into Mumbai’s nightlife. The city’s furious energy, poor organisation and punishing pollution can be overwhelming for visitors, as can the sheer diversity of entertainment options.

For the record, the majority of Mumbai’s upmarket nightlife can be found in Bandra, a suburb along the coastline with unrivalled views and a healthy selection of chic bars and restaurants. Popular with Bollywood stars, it’s the perfect place for a sedate night out.

Meanwhile, Lower Parel in south-­central Mumbai is the epicentre of nightclubs, lounge bars and dance music, attracting a younger crowd who refuse to leave before dawn.

But for a truly authentic experience, head to Andheri. A suburb of 1.5 million people north of the city, it offers an unparalleled experience in unearthing Mumbai’s true soul, away from the wailing sirens and manic hustle and bustle of the centre.

You won’t find designer interiors or international mixologists among the district’s low­-key bars, but who cares when there’s hardly a tourist in sight?

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