Hottest bar openings in October 2017

6th November, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Gin Lane, Sydney

Billed as a place for people who don’t like gin, Gin Lane aims to prove there is one for everyone. The bar is stocked with over 80 different gins, as well as numerous whiskies. As well as providing fishbowls of gin and tonic, the bar also has an impressive array of signature cocktails. These include Blood Orange Margarita (gold Tequila, Cointreau, citrus, blood orange, lime, volcanic rock salt) and Gunpowder Plot (Gunpowder Tea spiked gin, Fernet Branca, gunpowder syrup, dandelion and burdock bitters, fresh citrus; served in a smoking cloche with gunpowder twigs).

There are also a number of specialist G&T’s, such as the Mediterranean, which features smoked rosemary and thyme.

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