Hottest bar openings in September 2017

4th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Whether you want to spend your autumn evenings in the plush surroundings of 1920s London or the gritty cyberpunk dystopia of 2049, there are drinking dens across the world that can accommodate your wishes. Here are 10 of the hottest bar openings in September 2017.

Bar 2049 features on our hottest bar openings in September 2017

September saw the launch of several new and highly unusual bars across the globe. In Sydney, there are rum-heavy tiki drinks available in a Twin Peaks-themed bar, or further round the coast in Melbourne, Bar 49 is celebrating the launch of Blade Runner 2049 with a themed pop-up which takes inspiration from the film.

Several bars are also changing the way we think about what we’re drinking, such as Cub, the new off-shoot of White Lyan that aims to be a zero-waste restaurant.

Then again, if you fancy something really unusual you can always come to London where Alcotraz will set you up in a jail cell to drink your smuggled in booze.

Click through the following pages to discover some of the world’s hottest new bars in September 2017.

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