Smirnoff debuts Stay Open campaign in Canada

11th October, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Diageo has unveiled a new campaign for Smirnoff vodka that celebrates the “open-mindedness and fun-loving spirit” of Canada, called Stay Open.

Smirnoff’s new campaign intends to celebrate inclusivity

Using true stories as part of the marketing campaign, the Stay Open campaign has been created to draw attention to the “notion of bringing people together and ensuring that everyone is welcomed”.

Intending to celebrate “what it means to be Canadian”, the project involves people who are Canadian natives, or who have come from elsewhere, telling their stories about their experiences of Canada as an inclusive nation.

Brand leader of Smirnoff Canada, Mark Phillips, said: “Globally, Smirnoff stands for inclusive good times, but nowhere in the world do we see that come to life like in Canada.

“These core values are ingrained in the lives of Canadians, and Smirnoff believes they always deserve to be celebrated, even though Canadians have been historically humble in their assertion of them. Smirnoff is on a mission to promote inclusivity through the power of good times.”

In July last year, Diageo enlisted American actor Ted Danson to star in the latest instalment of its US marketing campaign for Smirnoff vodka, called Only the Best For Everyone.

Check out a video from the Stay Open campaign below. 

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