Actor Ted Danson stars in Smirnoff campaign

19th July, 2017 by Nicola Carruthers

Diageo has enlisted American actor Ted Danson to star in the latest instalment of its US marketing campaign for Smirnoff vodka, called Only the Best For Everyone.

Cheers star Ted Danson stars in Smirnoff vodka’s Only the Best For Everyone

As part of the partnership, the Cheers actor collaborated with Smirnoff to create a series of “comical” short videos, communicating in a “cheeky way” how Smirnoff is made in America.

The campaign communicates the brand message that Smirnoff is “great quality at an affordable price” and reinforces it as “the people’s vodka”.

The series depicts different scenarios in which Danson tries to debunk the notion that he is inherently elitist and only likes expensive vodka because of his fame.

In one of the videos, Danson states: “I have a lot in common with this brand. We’re award-winning, we’ve got great taste, been around since 1864 and we’re both surprisingly cheap – wait what?!”

“Ted is a Hollywood legend and a natural partner to help bring the spirit of Smirnoff to life,” said Jay Sethi, vice president, Smirnoff, Diageo North America.

“His light-hearted, fun and care-free personality is like a real-life embodiment of our brand. Ted is great at communicating our quality message in a down-to-earth and relatable way.”

Danson added: “I’m delighted to be associated with Smirnoff vodka and its century-old tradition of award-winning quality, globally appreciated smoothness and affordability.”

The videos are available to watch online on YouTube, with some slated to run on national television in the US later this year.

The collaboration follows Smirnoff’s partnership with American model Chrissy Teigen, who starred in four broadcast and online ad spots for the campaign in March.

Check out a video from the series below.

3 Responses to “Actor Ted Danson stars in Smirnoff campaign”

  1. Mike Call says:

    I have had a favorite vodka for many many years now. The commercial in which Ted Danson talks about Smirnoff;s – showing an appetizing martini and admitting to be ‘surprisingly cheap’ caused me to buy a bottle of Smirnoff’s and even to add a twist instead of my usual olives. Yum! It was as good as my stand-by vodka, maybe better. I can see myself sticking with Smirnoff. Well done!

  2. sharon metras says:

    on the Smirnoff commercial ted danson should hold up his glass of Smirnoff I say CHEERS I thought that would funny a play on his old program

  3. Barron says:

    Was my favorite vodka until Ted got involved!

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