Whisky brands of the future: Part two

22nd August, 2017 by Annie Hayes

East London Liquor Company, England

The first distillery in east London for more than 100 years, East London Liquor Company’s portfolio currently comprises a vodka, a rum and a selection of gins. Founded by Barworks’ Alex Wolpert in 2013, ELLC is based in east London’s Bow Wharf and filled its first casks of London Rye in 2015 – ageing the whisky on-site in its cellar. Slated for bottling at the end of 2018, each batch is unique in terms of production, finish and mash bill. ELLC plans to launch various whiskies, experimenting with combinations of pot and column runs as well as barrel finishing – including new American oak, French oak, chestnut, ex-wine, ex-rye and ex-Bourbon casks. Visitors are able to view the distillation process from behind a glass panel in ELLC’s cocktail bar. The site extended its warehouse and opened a restaurant in 2016 and is currently installing a brew-kit and an additional still for its whisky production.

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  1. HarryB says:

    I am missing the Ardnamurchan Distillery, founded by the Adelphi Company.

  2. Hello,
    France is the main market for scotch whisky and the third for whisky/whiskey. 50 whisky distilleries are operating right now in France. They will be 100 in 2020, probably. The sales of french whisky (brewed, fermented, distilled and aged in France) were about 800 000 bottles last year (2016), more or less the same than japanese whisky in France (1 000 000 bottles). It will be 2 000 000 by 2020. Big distilleries just opened (La Mine d’Or in Brittany) or are under construction (Moon Harbour in Bordeaux).
    In France, we know how to malt (Soufflet and Malteurope are number 1 and 3 in the world for maltings), how to brew (1 000 working breweries here in France), how to distill spirits (2 000 working stills in France, 10 working coppersmith companies), how to age spirits (all the big cooperage companies – except BF, the number one – belong to french companies, even Speyside Cooperage) and how to blend (wine and cognac, for exemple). And we like to drink spirits a lot (460 millions bottles last year, including 200 millions bottles of whisky).
    The next big thing in the whisky world is french whisky. And the SWA already know that. They put french governement under pressure and single malt is now defined in a law and should be produce like in Scotland. Well played as we french do not want to do whisky like scotch and we do not want to be compared to scotch whiskies. No point for us.
    But it will not stop the sense of history. French whisky will be massive in the coming years.
    I’ve been working as the communication manager of La Maison du Whisky between 2005 and 2013 (helping to establish japanese whisky in Europe, organizing Whisky Live Paris) and I am know the director of the Fédération du Whisky de France (which reunites 50 whisky producers/bottlers of french whisky) and it’s the reason why I changed: The future of french whisky is now and tomorrow.
    Best regards,
    Philippe Jugé

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