The top six best-selling gin brands

12th July, 2017 by Kristiane Sherry

Gin is a category on the up. Bartenders are enthusing, consumers are imbibing, and as such, sales are soaring – and for many, the gin craze is just getting started. But what does it all mean for the fortunes of the six biggest international brands?

Did somebody say ‘gin fatigue’? Not in these parts. The juniper-based white spirit has proved to be thoroughly resurgent of late – the category posted the highest average growth rate of any category in The Brand Champions 2017, with every million case-plus selling brand in positive territory. The only other category to achieve such a feat was Tequila, with an average growth rate of 6.07%. This pales behind gin’s collaborative total of 9.63%.

What’s driving the category? The resonance of many independent brands and experimentation with consumers has undoubtedly stirred up excitement. But here we’re talking about the world’s biggest players – even in a competitive field packed with disruptors, these brands have stood firm.

But there have been some changes at the top – most notably the addition of Beam Suntory’s Larios, a welcome new face in the club. And Diageo’s Tanqueray has shot up the rankings too, usurping a very familiar name in the process…

Delay no further. Click through the following pages to discover the top six best-selling gin brands, listed in order of their nine-litre case sales.

5 Responses to “The top six best-selling gin brands”

  1. R. G. Murphy says:

    Interesting…..recently bought a bottle of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in France that reported at 40% abv on the label. It was kept in the freezer between ‘appointments’ and froze!!! Could it be that our friends at Bacardi are shipping less than perfect product to us? Next bottle in the freezer was BEEFEATER. No such challenges. Shame on Bacardi! – RM

  2. Ed Kohl says:

    Gins are certainly on the rise as we have been finding
    A truly great brand of Botanical Gins is a variety of Scottish pot-distilled Gins we import via Quest Brands from Eden Mill distillery
    From St. Andrews Scotland. The Love
    And Hop Gins especially are quickly becoming the
    “Darlings” of the mixologists.

  3. Mark H says:

    Larios is the best selling in Spain!!, because the bars sell it as a ‘Local’ Spirit. Here in Lanzarote, you get 50ml Larios + Mixer for €3.50, Bombay + Mixer = €5.00+.

    Larios is horrendous! but holiday makers want cheap, supply & demand guys!

  4. Cathy says:

    What’s the ranking of Ginebra San Miguel?

  5. walkerny says:

    I have made EXTENSIVE “studies” of US, UK, and other countries gin, as well as “craft” and small batch gins. While the premium brands certainly have quality, and some (some) od the craft small batch are endearing, the best value for the money is Seagrams Extra Dry. Great flavor, clean taste, filtered well, great value and consistent.

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