The top 10 best-selling vodka brands

21st June, 2017 by Annie Hayes

4. Żubrówka

2016: 7.10m
2015: 6.15m
% change: 15.45%
Place last year: 5

Is there no stopping this bison grass-flavoured spirits stalwart? Adding close to one million extra cases in the past 12 months alone, Roust’s flagship flavoured vodka has defied all category connotations and continued to pack on the volume sales. If the rate of growth continues, Żubrówka looks set to break into the global top three spirits brands in 2018. Flavour fatigue, anyone? But the performance is a stark contrast to Roust’s wider fortunes. While sister brand Russian Standard remained in growth, the parent firm has embarked on a major debt restructuring plan and had its US application for bankruptcy approved in January 2017. In a statement, the group described the move as the “consummation” of a strategy to “strengthen” its balance sheet and said it precedes plans to launch an IPO. Whatever plays out over the rest of the year, Żubrówka’s momentum looks set to up Roust’s appeal to investors.

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