The top 10 best-selling Scotch whisky brands

19th June, 2017 by Annie Hayes

10. Bell’s

2016: 2.10m
2015: 2.20m
% change: -4.55%
Place last year: 10

Despite dropping in volume once again, Bell’s continues to cling on to 10th place in this year’s world’s best-selling Scotch brands. The brand is situated under Diageo’s ‘Local Brands’ portfolio, and as such has been privy to headwinds seen in the category’s emerging markets – but next year the data might well tell a different story. Diageo confirmed in May that it is focusing global investment behind its “accessible” blended Scotch brands, including brands such as Bell’s, and is in the process of establishing local bottling operations to “keep costs down and support our margins”.

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