Jeweller creates £18k Tequila space shuttle shot set

15th May, 2017 by Amy Hopkins

British jeweller Theo Fennell has created a miniature model of US space shuttle Ares V that doubles as a Tequila shot serving set, priced £18,000 (US$23,000).

Theo Fennell’s space shuttle Tequila shot set costs £18,000

The 41cm-tall handcrafted model can be dissembled into six shot glasses, a shot measure, side burners for salt and a base for lemon wedges.

Fennell and his team of silversmiths created the model, a sterling silver miniature shuttle with a gold plated external tank, enamel American flag and NASA logo.

For Fennell, the model could be construed as a political statement.

“I am a great believer that people should sit down and discuss things over a drink rather than sending rockets over each other’s bows,” said Fennell.

“So, what better way than the US rocket that breaks into enough Tequila shots to solve a diplomatic incident and two salt shakers for those who want to stop a wall being built.”

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