Top 10 artistic spirits bottle designs

15th September, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

The spirits industry has livened up the back bar in recent years with an array of intricate, bold, wacky and dazzling bottle designs inspired by the world of art.


This is our pick of the top 10 artistic spirits bottle designs

While some designs have been hand-engraved with a bespoke work of art, others offer a unique perspective on already well-known pieces.

Usually released as very limited editions, these art-inspired bottles can form part of brand’s wider marketing campaign, but others simply offer a prestigious addition to their range.

At the luxury end of the scale, John Walker & Sons unveiled an ornate crystal Scotch whisky decanter earlier this year, while Cognac house Martell accompanied its new €10,000 blend with a piece of minimalist steel artwork.

Ballantine’s and Hennessy partnered with modern artists to offer bright and bold limited editions, as Disaronno merged the worlds of fashion and drinks with its latest design.

Click through the following pages to discover our selection of the top 10 artistic spirits bottle designs.

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